Posted By admin |05 Feb 2020
SAVE THE DATE! Here are all the details of upcoming local (JCI Portsmouth) and National events…


10th February 7pm-9pm. JCI PORTSMOUTH Level Up Your Life: Public Speaking  (PORTSMOUTH) Gavin Meikle aka The Presentation Doctor is running an interactive session with tips and tricks to help with public speaking. We’ve deliberately kept this as a small session (Only 12 tickets available) so people who hate public speaking aren’t overwhelmed…and we’ll be invoking The Chatham House rule which you might know better from the film Fight Club. Basically “What happens at JCI, stays at JCI” 17th – 23rd February kicks off our £1 a day National Challenge. (NATIONAL) Last year, it was announced that there are more foodbanks in the UK than McDonalds and the use of food banks has increased by 73% in the last 5 years. Linked to the UN Sustainability Development Goals, this challenge encourages you to spend no more than £7 on your food and drink for a week and donate what you would have spent to The Trussell Trust. If that sounds too much, try giving up luxury items such as your Starbucks Coffee or alcohol and donate the difference. More info on this can be found here. 7th March 2020 National Academy on Public Speaking (LONDON) For those who want to go all out and do an entire day of training with some past national presidents of JCI UK.  This is a deliberately small training sessions - Only 12 tickets available – so people don’t feel overwhelmed. 27th – 29th March –National Conference Scotland (ABERDEEN) Meet the Ten Outstanding Young People of Scotland, enjoy a black-tie gala dinner and much much more!  


24-26th April Tri-Nations Growth & Development Academy (BIRMINGHAM) This is an opportunity to learn and develop strategies and projects that will help to enhance your JCI experience, the sustainability of your local and national organisation, as well as the impact that JCI can make in your community. 2nd May Monopoly Day (LONDON) Bringing the familiar Monopoly game to life in the streets of London. Along with this activity being a fun way to relive your childhood, it’s a great way to meet new people and see a large portion of London all in just one day! 27th to 31st May European Conference (DUBLIN) Gain knowledge and insights into Engagement, Employment, Empowerment. While doing this you will also have so many opportunities to network with like -minded people for business and personal growth, learn new skills, be inspired by amazing key note speakers and of course immerse yourself in the ‘craic agus ceol’ that makes Ireland, one of the most loved countries in the world!  


6–7th June Business Academy (NOTTINGHAM) 27th June JCI PORTSMOUTH (PORTSMOUTH) JCI Portsmouth is hosting a National Event on “Living and Leading in a Changing World” At Portsmouth University’s Future Innovation Centre. (PORTSMOUTH) This will be led by Neil Crofts and Mark Thompson. Having worked with BP, Barclays, Shell, Microsoft, Sony, Facebook, Philip Morris, AstraZeneca and many more, their passion is all about Authentic Leadership in an age of constant change. Session Details below Session One: Megatrends and Leadership. How the need for different leadership responses are triggered by the ultra-change the Megatrends bring. Session Two: Existential Emotional Threat - a layman's workshop on the emotional challenges of resilience and optimism through constant change. We’re also hoping to host a cocktail party to celebrate the 65th anniversary of JCI Portsmouth in the evening. More on that soon! 4-5th July  Facilitator Training (BIRMINGHAM)        For those with an interest in delivering training themselves, this is not one to miss. A two-day course that creates a unique learning experience where participants engage and influence their own learning through the exploration of progressive facilitation models.  


8th August  National Social  (BARNSLEY) 14-18th August  European Academy (SWEDEN) Strategy Academy Late August (Provisional)  (IRELAND) 4-6th September LEAP             (BIRMINGHAM)  


3rd & 4th October  AGM Weekend including Notts Black Tie Ball  (DERRY) Ireland National Convention – TBC (IRELAND)  3rd – 7th November JCI WORLD CONGRESS (JAPAN) The JCI World Congress is the most important meeting on JCI’s annual calendar, hosted in different cities each year from October to November. This year it’s in Japan!  National Convention – late November (MANCHESTER)