JCI UK National Board

The JCI UK National Board team is made up of experienced members and is elected every year at JCI UK’s Annual General Meeting. Many National Board Directors have also previously served as Local Presidents or on the Boards of their Local Organisations.

JCI United Kingdom National Board Members 2022

The primary functions of JCI UK National Board are to support Local Organisations and represent our members.  National Board also acts as the link between the international and local levels of JCI, and puts in place strategies to enable successful long-term planning for the National Organisation. 

National Board ensures that JCI UK holds high-quality national events & projects through the year that inspire, challenge and develop our members.  These flagship events provide wonderful opportunities to bring members together to collaborate, share best practices and support each other with finding solutions to local challenges.  Our events are also an excellent chance to meet old friends, make new ones and celebrate success together. 

The National Board team also actively travels around the country to work with and support Local Organisations across the UK, participating in local events and providing training.  National Board also liaises with local members to update them on national strategic initiatives whilst also gaining important feedback and ideas that can be implemented in the future.

Oliver Hyde

National President

In 2023, Oliver will be leading JCI UK and the National Board team. He serves as the national and international representative for JCI UK, while also providing support to the Local Presidents in the UK. Oliver is responsible for determining the national strategies and Plan of Action for the year.


Hope Chirengwa

Immediate Past President

Hope was the National President in 2022 and mentors the National President and National Board team.

He also makes sure that all meetings run using good practice.

James Lambert



Peter Robertshaw 

Admin Director


Hanan Kwesani

Director of Recruitment


Chantelle Nylander-Quartey

Director of Engagement


Simon Alexander Ong

Board Director