JCI UK Foundation

The JCI UK Foundation was set up in 1995, with the aim of providing JCI UK with funding for events and projects that focus on membership growth and development. Since its formation the Foundation has provided grants to over 30 chambers and regional groups in support of the activities and development of JCI.

JCI UK Foundation Details

The Foundation fund was created by inviting current and former JCI members, JCI Senators and other individuals to become members of the Foundation. This requires a minimum contribution of £500. The income from our fund is available for applications from JCI UK and the local chambers.  The Foundation has over 100 members.

The interest accrued on the invested capital is available:

  • To help contribute to the funding of new chamber launches
  • To help sustain recently launched chambers
  • To help existing chambers to grow
  • To co-fund events which have as a clear objective membership growth

There is another area of activity for which grants will be made, and that is for defraying capital costs incurred by national, regional, or local organisations in the course of maintaining or extending their infrastructures or systems. It was under this provision that in 2010 and 2017 the Foundation supported the creation of the new JCI UK website.

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