Step Up January #JCIUKStepUpJan

Step Up January #JCIUKStepUpJan

Posted By admin |10 Dec 2018
Step Up January #JCIUKStepUpJan
Inspired by Mind’s RED (Run Every Day) January campaign, JCI UK is encouraging members to Step Up…metaphorically and physically! As our key community focus for 2019 is Good Health and Wellbeing (Sustainable Development Goal 3), we’re kickstarting the new year with an active challenge: exercise for at least 30 minutes every day in January. You can choose how to challenge yourself. For some members, this will be a great incentive to train for a marathon. For others, it might mean walking to work instead of driving, or taking the stairs instead of the lift. Like RED January, this campaign can give you a goal and focus in a characteristically tough month, empowering you to start the year as you mean to go on. If you’d like some inspiration, you can read our suggestions below. To give you extra motivation, we’ve created some mini challenges. You can win points by completing tasks – such as screenshotting your workout playlist – and sharing the photos on social media. The biggest point scorers are the challenges that positively impact your community, offer development opportunities to members and encourage others to get active. The Step Up January log and challenge list can be downloaded here: Step Up January Log & Challenges. Simply record your exercise activities and return the completed form to the Community Action Director, Hannah Woodcock, by the 28th February 2019. The member with the highest number of points will win the following (fabulous) prizes:
  • A spa treatment worth up to £60 at your chosen spa venue.
  • A complimentary ticket to Mindful Matters: Step Up Your Mental Health Awareness. This conference will be held on Saturday 2nd March at Sheffield Central Fire Station - watch this space for more details.
  • A wellbeing hamper courtesy of Hug in a Trug, who specialise in feel good gifts.
Remember to use the hashtag #JCIUKStepUpJan when you share your snaps on social media. Whether you’re planning on running 5k, swapping the lift for stairs, or organising a netwalking event, we’d love to hear about your activities. Can’t wait to see you Step Up in January!

Ideas & Inspiration

Litter Picking On World Cleanup Day 2018, a large group of JCI members picked up litter in Winchester. Along with getting active, they positively impacted the local community and environment. JCI Sheffield's Past President (and good egg!) Neal Stirk regularly volunteers with a voluntary litter picking group in South Yorkshire. Netwalking As the name suggests, netwalking combines networking with scenic walks. You can meet new people, explore your local area...and take some amazing photos for your phone wallpaper. Inter-chamber Challenge If you've ever watched a debating competition, you'll know that JCI loves some friendly rivalry! Why not challenge another chamber to a sport, e.g.: bowling, ping pong, interpretive dance (!). Emma Kerrywood's commitment to RED January 2018 inspired her dad and his girlfriend to walk every day - perhaps you could track your step count against another chamber on a joint social event.


Do I need to do the same kind of exercise every day? Nope! You’re welcome to stick to a routine or to vary your exercise from day to day. Can I split up the time, e.g.: run for 15 mins in the morning then practice 15 mins of yoga in the evening? Yep - it's up to you how you manage your time. Which hashtag shall I use on social media? #JCIUKStepUpJan (we can’t wait to see your photos). I don’t use social media. Can I still take part in the mini challenges? Of course. If you’re happy for us to post your photos, please send any images to our Community Action Director, Hannah Woodcock. I already exercise every day. Can I still get involved? Absolutely! Maybe consider starting a new exercise class or running a new route. Could you perhaps deliver a talk to your chamber about your experiences? As we’ve learnt from our fantastic keynote speakers, many skills are transferable to the workplace. Does the JCI networking/community event need to take place in January? No, it can take place in any month. You just need to publicise it before the 31st January.

How can physical activity support your mental health?

  • 87% of people reported feeling significantly better physically and mentally after completing RED January 2018.
  • Reduced risk of health problems. As we become fitter, our bodies can better regulate our cortisol levels. Cortisol is a ‘stress hormone’ that our bodies release in response to anxiety; over prolonged periods, higher cortisol levels have been linked to a wide range of health problems including heart disease, high blood pressure, a lowered immune response, as well as depression and anxiety.
  • More energy. As your body adapts to increased activity levels you get a natural energy boost, which can make you feel less tired. Researchers say that even low intensity levels of activity can be beneficial if you usually feel very fatigued.
  • Improved sleep. Many people find they are able to sleep better at night after having been more active during the day.
Source: Mind If you'd like any more info about this challenge, please email Hannah Woodcock.