World Clean Up Day Tips – Let’s Do It JCI UK!

World Clean Up Day Tips – Let’s Do It JCI UK!

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How to get your chamber and community involved!

After a successful JCI UK World Clean-up Day launch event, many of our local chambers will be joining more than 150 countries stand up against the global litter problem.

Launch Event Highlights:

  • The event highlighted the 7 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that we are tackling.
  • All attendees downloaded the World Cleanup App and had the opportunity to venture outside to begin the litter mapping.
  • Attendees to the launch event had a first-hand opportunity to test the app and now sharing what they learnt with members of their local chambers.

JCI UK Tackles Rubbish Blindness

We invite all local chambers, members, friends and corporate partners to join us on Saturday 15th September. We have four simple step of engagement;


See it – Map it – Bag it – Move it

Let’s mobilise our communities!


World Clean Up Day Tips

  • Get a team together in your local chamber *community & charity directors
  • Develop a timeline of activities leading up to September 15thJCI London have started a Plogging Event which could work for other chambers
  • Partner with other chambers! JCI Edinburgh & JCI Nottingham will be doing a joint plastic free project*
  • Reach out to local clean up groups that are already active in your community! Great opportunity to have more people on the streets on September 15th, also great way to get more publicity
  • Share the World Cleanup App with colleagues, family & friends – download from the App Store or Google play store
  • Approach local organisation for community support – get gloves, litter picking sticks, bags
  • Use social media to promote all that you have already done and upcoming events.

Clean up day – Levels of engagement

This is a big project and we want to get as many chambers and communities involved. We want individuals to participate in whichever way they can. JCI UK has designed a framework which allows communities to be a part of the clean-up day on many levels.


Litter Mappers

  • Whether you are going for a run or walking down the street, keep your World Clean-up app on! We want you to take a photo of the Litter and upload to the app. If you can, clean up the Litter and photograph the spot – uploading the area as cleaned!
  • If you physically cannot remove the rubbish found, just take the photo – this will inform your community members who will then coordinate efforts to get it removed.

Community Cleaners

  • These are the individuals whose main role is to check the Cleanup Day App for areas where rubbish needs collecting. These individuals will then coordinate to get the rubbish removed appropriately.
  • This team of individuals can be coordinated by local JCI chambers, local community clean-up groups, corporates and companies.

Local Community Clean-up leadership Team

  • This is a group which ideally would be a local JCI Chamber / local community clean-up group
  • The main role will be to engage their communities, gain partnerships and coordinate the clean-up day on September 15t
  • This team will have members overseeing areas such as marketing, mapping, partnerships and event coordination.

For more information on World Clean Up Day and  partnerships  email UK Project Manger

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