Small Talk Project: Investing in Inter-Cultural Dialogue

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Small Talk Project: Investing in Inter-Cultural Dialogue

Posted By admin |25 Aug 2015
Small Talk Project: Investing in Inter-Cultural Dialogue

 Small Talk Project


It gives me great pleasure to announce the Small Talk Project – a fantastic ‘nearly-all-paid-for’ cultural exchange training programme which I've been working on, on behalf of JCI UK, with JCI Malta and 3 other NOMs (JCI Estonia, JCI Jordan & JCI Morocco).

Initiated and led by JCI Malta, this project has been a few months in the making.  Each participating NOM has had to apply for EU / Erasmus funding.  I’m pleased to let you know that following our successful application, JCI UK has been allocated 10 delegate spaces with travel funding worth 8,200 Euros.


What’s it all about?

The European Union since its inception has always underlined the importance of respect for diversity - be it cultural, religious or linguistic.  In fact, a very important term has been coined that is synonymous to the European Union - ‘unity in diversity’.  Despite the drive by the EU to underline the importance of intercultural dialogue and inclusion, at times people tend to focus on what divides the people coming from different backgrounds and cultures rather than what unites us especially in light of what is currently happening in the world and in the immediate vicinities of Europe. The key is therefore to find common ground while appreciating the differences and focus on dialogue.

It is for this reason that JCI Malta decided to come up with a project that focuses on inter-cultural dialogue and inclusion.

This course will offer an opportunity for delegates to reflect on issues which are common to all of us; a Europe which is made up of different cultural minorities and how we can improve dialogue between the different cultures co-existing in one country.

The training course will thus focus mainly on three issues:


  1. Inter-cultural dialogue enhanced through inter-cultural communication
  2. Inclusion and young people within a European context
  3. Project Management and active participation of young people


As the team from JCI Malta have put it “This training will result in opportunities to actively participate; thus stimulating initiative and innovation. Therefore, the event shall generate an environment to support partner’s capacity building in the region on topics of inclusion and intercultural communication.”

The course leaders will use informal learning tools and outdoor education throughout this training week.  Graduating delegates will be awarded the Youth Pass – an official European certificate which assesses key competencies to be a better 21st Century citizens.


When & where is it being held?

27th September - 3rd October 2015 (Rabat, Malta)


What funding will delegates get?

The course plus all accommodation and meals will be free to the delegates (inclusive from arrival on Saturday 26th through to departure on Saturday 3rd October).  A travel budget of 8,200 Euros has been secured for JCI UK’s 10 nominated delegates, representing 820 Euros each – more than enough for a return flight and transfer costs.

Reimbursements of travel costs will be paid upon submission of all original receipts, tickets and boarding passes of both departure and return trips to JCI Malta.

Delegates will be housed in single rooms at the training and hosting facilities of the Archbishop Seminary in Rabat, Malta in a quaint and calm environment.


Who can apply?

We want those JCI UK members who might not normally have the opportunity to travel abroad to benefit first and foremost from this amazing opportunity.  Those members who have already been to conferences, academies or other events abroad (even with the assistance of a JCI UK or Senate bursary) are still free to apply however please note that preference will be given to those members who have yet to experience an international conference.

The course is open to non JCI members too, but again preference will be given to JCI UK members first & foremost.

Delegates must be free to attend during the dates outlined above. 


How do people apply?

As stated above, we want to maximise the benefit of this amazing opportunity.  Although we have a very limited time to market this event, we expect a number of people will want to attend due to it essentially being free. 

All interested applicants should apply to Drew Charman (JCI UK National President) Sarah Beckwith (JCI UK Deputy National President) and Wasim Alfaisal (JCI UK International Director), stating their name, chamber, contact details and why they would like to attend (i.e. what they expect to gain from attending).

The National Board team will review all applications to decide who to put forward based on this information, as well as which individuals/chambers we believe will most benefit from participation.  Successful applicants will then be directed to complete an online registration form.


Application Deadline(s)

JCI UK member registration of interest = COB Tuesday 1st September

Online application submission for successful UK delegates = COB Friday 4th September



More information on the project can be found on Facebook and on the dedicated website link below:

Facebook Event Page:

JCI Malta website information: