Scotland is not part of the UK

Scotland is not part of the UK

Posted By admin |11 Apr 2014
Scotland is not part of the UK

Don't worry. I'm not going political on you. I'm just letting you know how things work in JCI! Our friends North of the border are part of a separate national organisation. Which means that just by spending a few hours on a train you can enjoy an international conference. Excellent.

So that's exactly what I did last weekend, and it was more than worth the journey! JCI Glasgow pulled out all the stops to make their National Convention a jam packed, fun filled weekend for everyone involved. Highlights included...

• The debates. Especially whether you can teach an old dog (AKA a senator) new tricks.

• Employing Disney strategies to move our mythical village. Obviously all you need are a lot of balloons and a talking dog. I also thoroughly enjoyed the fact my training refreshments consisted of lemon cake and mojitos.

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• Running round the local shops with Leeane, JCI Edinburgh president and my European Academy roomie, to beg for Easter Egg donations.

• Key note speech from the Head of Engagement for the Commonwealth Games. It's going to be EPIC.

Ceilidh. Both the training and the rather spectacular, somewhat inebriated, final dance. Less so the bruises all over my arms ever since!

• The friendship speeches. From Derek Reilly's Father Dougal impressions (some intentional, some not so much...) to Drew's abridgement of four pages of notes, they showed the real strength of JCI. The friendships made between people who would never otherwise have met that will continue for years to come. Oh, and it's whisky. Not whiskey. At least until we all meet again in Cork...

Which brings me seamlessly on to your next international opportunities. Love it when that happens. JCI Ireland's national convention will be hosted by JCI Cork from 3 - 5 October. As their national President is the founder of our twin chamber we are expecting a big Sheffield delegation. You can also join us for the European Convention In Malta, the World Congress in Germany or right here in Sheffield for our Twinning is Winning weekend in July! Contact Matthew for further details - including sponsorship.

You'll be pleased to know though that I haven't just been partying in Glasgow since my last blog. Oh no, they keep me much busier than that. Over the last few weeks I have also...

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• Completed the Coniston 14 for SAFE@LAST - huge thanks for your sponsorship and support. And also had my first shirt at their Charity Chicks boutique.

• Attended the RISE Sheffield celebration event. We're so proud to be one of the official partners of this scheme and are looking at ways to work more closely with the interns. 

• Met with Richard Wright, Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, which may result in a very exciting project in the near future.

• Joined JCI Doncaster for their relaunch at CAST theatre. Loving the energy here; we have some wonderful new neighbours.

• Collected Easter Eggs from wonderful members and our patrons, Irwin Mitchell. We are also gathering donations from Gripple, Technophobia, Peak Vets, Relaxation den and many more! Thank you!

Phew! I think that's all my updates for now. Other than to say... SAVE THE DATE! Our New Members Night and RISE2 Launch will be on Wednesday 21 May, venue TBC. Gareth and the team have some fantastic ideas and I guarantee you it will be a night to remember!

Hope to see you at our events soon.

Ilona Alcock
JCI Sheffield President