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Events Diary

Apr 2018

21st April 2018 Event type: Social

Join members from across the United Kindgom for a day to launch new ideas, new friendships and new ways forward.

We’ve packed loads into this day based on feedback from local chambers to make sure programme is useful to all members in their personal, professional and JCI capacity.

With an excellent keynote speaker, project showcase, speed networking, an outdoor practical session and a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) bootcamp, the day will leave you motivated to look at new way you can Be A World Changer.

22nd April 2018 Antenna Event type: Social

Looking to enhance your skills as a presenter?

Look no further! JCI Presenter, the JCI effective presentation course is a full day course that focuses on the concepts of creating and delivering an effective presentation utilising visual aids and strong delivery methods with a mind towards understanding the audience. Participants practice both unprepared and prepared presentations during the entire course and receive feedback on delivery and structure from the trainers.

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May 2018

12th May 2018 Event type: Training


Jun 2018

09th June 2018 Event type: Training


Sep 2018

15th September 2018 Event type: Social


21st September 2018 Event type: Training


Oct 2018

20th October 2018 Event type: Training


Nov 2018

23rd November 2018 Holiday Inn, Doncaster A1 (M), Jct.36 Event type: Business

The 3 day conference will feature keynote speakers, training sessions and networking opportunities. There will also be the 3 National speaking competitions; Extempore, Debating, and Public Speaking.

The highlight of the weekend will be the black tie gala dinner and awards ceremony on the Saturday night.  This is an opportunity to celebrate the successes of 2018, as National President, Ben Hawley, presents the National Awards.

The conference’s theme, ‘Future You,’ is based on the idea that all attendees will gain at least one experience or skill that their future self will thank them for.

Early bird tickets, are just £135.

Booking information to follow shortly.

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