Portsmouth wins at National Convention

Portsmouth wins at National Convention

Posted By admin |02 Jan 2013
Portsmouth wins at National Convention

Blog » jasmine national awards 2012.JPGWe've just returned from a fantastic weekend away, attending JCI National Convention in Belfast

Our hosts did a fantastic job and put together an excellent programme of speakers, events and training sessions. The highlight of the weekend was the National Awards ceremony and gala dinner.

It was great to see how much good work has been done by chambers across the country - from Leeds and Belfast to Cambridge, Portsmouth and Southampton - we saw the results of a lot of great effort this year.

Portsmouth received a share of the limelight too:

JCI Portsmouth chamber received Certificate of Merit for "Best Local Personal Skill Development Programme"

Jasmine Blofield received a personal award - "Most Outstanding President of a Chamber with up to 20 Members"

We're so proud of everything we've done this year and all the support from members, guests, visitors, supporters and everyone involved. Well done Jasmine too for the energy and effort and helping drive the chamber to great sucess.

We've beaten our award tally from last year and we're determined to break our own records and achieve even greater things in 2013.

Speaking of next year, we're puting together a fun-packed programme to challenge, entertain,stimulate and inspire Portsmouth in 2013. Keep an eye out for our events here.

Will you be with us?


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