JCI Achieve - Learning to Create a Vibrant Local Chapter!

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JCI Achieve - Learning to Create a Vibrant Local Chapter!

Posted By admin |14 Nov 2011
JCI Achieve - Learning to Create a Vibrant Local Chapter!

Blog » Training » Achieve.jpgWe were all sitting excited at St. Mary's Community Centre in Kent Street, East London, on a Saturday morning in early October ... and we were not disappointed. The JCI Achieve course, which was organised by JCI London on 1st October 2011 from 9 am to 6 pm, was definitely not only a useful learning event packed with information but also an inspirational treat. The course was facilitated by Margaretha Eriksson as Head Trainer -- a JCI Senator from JCI Sweden -- and by our very own Solveig Malvik as her Assistant Trainer. Attendees were mainly from JCI London, but JCI Reading was also represented.

JCI Achieve is an official JCI course intended for those who want to know more about the dynamics of a local JCI chapter. The course makes use of discussions and case studies with which the participants can explore what JCI really does and how. The course can be thought of as a 'pair' of JCI Admin, whereby the attendees learn the 'nuts and bolts' of the administration and governance of a JCI chapter; on JCI Achieve, they can then learn about the 'branding' and ideas involved, and how to attract active members and keep them motivated to achieve.

At the event on 1st October, we participants reflected on the identity of a JCI chapter and discussed the purposes that such a local organisation can have, all related to the mission and vision of the worldwide Junior Chamber International. We considered the characteristics of today's demographic groups, and how young people of today can best fulfil the JCI mission and make a difference in their local communities whilst making best use of the learning opportunities provided by JCI.

Blog » Training » Achieve II.jpgMargaretha and Solveig were excellent trainers who made the day interesting by encouraging splendid, in-depth discussions. The group was very international in its composition, which made the exchange of ideas and experiences particularly interesting. The best parts of the day were the numerous 'mini-presentations' given by the attendees in groups and pairs; it was good to explore and express ideas both in words and in creative flipchart drawings!

All in all, JCI Achieve was a great learning experience and definitely to be recommended to all members of JCI who want to understand more fully the identity and purpose of JCI as well as all those ways of building of an attractive, versatile, motivational and functional local JCI organisation.

By Anne Craven, Regional Group Chairman for JCI UK Southern Region