How To Run A Workshop

How To Run A Workshop

Posted By admin |24 Aug 2011
How To Run A Workshop

How would you cope if your trousers ripped just before you presented a training session?

JCI members were recently treated to session on 'How to run a workshop' delivered by Alan Donegan of EnjoyPresenting. It included tips on many aspects of running workshops from how to structure your workshop to how to handle yourself when things (even your trousers!) are falling apart.

Alan started by explained how important it is to know the goal of a workshop is before creating one. To identify your goal he suggests asking of yourself what you want people to think - feel - or do differently as a result of the workshop.  

He then talked about how to gather good content and plan workshops using mind maps and storyboards. There were also helpful tips on the different types of activities you can include in training such as discussions and mini quizzes.

Alan then discussed different adult learning styles and why workshops should include always try to include them all.

 A few other useful tips were:

  • Use background music when participants do group work
  • Use the rule of thirds to make slides aesthetic
  • People don't learn while your taking - pause so they can think
  • The thought of losing something motivates people more than gaining something

Alan was an exceptional, enthusiastic and engaging trainer. It was easy to see why his clients, such as Microsoft, keep asking him to deliver more training for them.

The interactive nature of Alan's session made for an enjoyable and unique evening. He used real-time feedback from the participants which allowed him to tailor the session's content to everyone's individual needs.

He punctuated the session with engaging stories and amusing anecdotes. One of the funniest was how his trousers ripped before delivering a training session with a major client. His solution? Change his trousers - emphasising the importance of staying calm no matter what happens.

Everyone took away some general and practical advice as well as tailored tips to use in their own workshops. All in all it was an excellent session, delivered by a high class trainer. It was both entertaining and informative.

By Euan Gillies, JCI Member


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