A first timer's view

A first timer's view

Posted By admin |29 Jan 2014
A first timer's view

After our Goal Setting session last week, we asked first timer Will Squires of Pine Green Web to let us know what he thought... 

Blog » Training courses » Will.jpg"My first encounter with JCI came through searching for networking events in Sheffield. JCI seemed like an interesting proposition - a chance both to meet like minded young people as well as develop personal skills.

I was a little daunted about which event I should give JCI a try at, so I made contact with @JCISheffield on Twitter, who immediately let me know of a few events which would fit the bill.

I've been to a few networking type events before, and have always found them a bit daunting - but JCI certainly made me feel very welcome. The group was a healthy mix of employed and self-employed young people, everyone seemed to be there for a different reason - but everyone clearly enjoyed each other's company. What struck me was how genuinely positive everybody seemed.

I was sceptic about the sort of training I'd get. I've been to "networking events with training" before where the "training" element has consisted of little other than some guy standing up and essentially selling his wares. The JCI experience couldn't have differed more - the training was actually really useful, and delivered in a really relaxed, interactive way. I can't stress how pleasantly surprised I was.

I'm really looking forward to trying some other parts of the JCI offer out.

For anyone reading this wondering whether or not to give JCI a go - I say do it."

I couldn't have said it better myself! If you are thinking about joining JCI please get in touch or pop along to one of our upcoming events.