60 seconds interview: Emma Eastwood, JCI UK Personal Development Director 2012

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60 seconds interview: Emma Eastwood, JCI UK Personal Development Director 2012

Posted By admin |27 Sep 2011
60 seconds interview: Emma Eastwood, JCI UK Personal Development Director 2012

JCI UK Personal Development Director for 2012 Emma EastwoodCongrats! You've just been elected Personal Development director JCI UK 2012! What made you stand for the position?
I have got so much out of my membership with JCI, in particular from some of the amazing training that I have had. It is really important for me to try and make sure that other members receive great training. I also want to assist other members that are interested in becoming JCI trainers and support them throughout the process.

What have you got out of your engagement with JCI so far?
I am more confident particularly when it comes to business meetings and training. My public speaking skills have improved tenfold. Most important though is the fantastic people that I have had the opportunity to get to meet and work with If there's one advice you'll give a new member, or someone just getting active, what would that be? Get stuck straight in! Don't wait and think that things aren't aimed at you, particularly when it comes to attending events in different cities or countries. JCI is definitely an organisation which gives more and more the more that you get involved.

What are you most proud of that you have done in the last year?
I have clocked up over 30 hours of training for JCI in the last year which meant that I became a Certified National Trainer. It was my goal to get this done ahead of JCI European Congress in Tarragona so that I could take the JCI Designer and JCI Head Trainer courses whilst I was there. Managing to achieve this and graduating from both courses in June was a real high point for me!

What's your plans for JCI UK in 2012?
I plan to run a minimum of 3 JCI Presenter courses and 3 JCI Trainer courses in the UK next year. I also want to run JCI Achieve at least once and plan to see how much interest there is amongst our members in JCI CSR and JCI Admin. Assisting members that have graduated from these courses already and hope to start training for JCI is key to my plans for next year. I will be contacting all graduates shortly to work on action plans and I am working with the current Personal Development Director Dan Lally to write training sessions that these new trainers can deliver. I will be organising two trainers events for new trainers in 2012 to train and develop and also create a support network. I will be assisting regional group chairs with organising regional Extempore, Public Speaking Competitions and Debating competitions and the organisers of the national convention in organising the national competitions. Also I am working with Deputy National President Solveig Malvik to organise a program of training for presidents and deputies for 2012 starting with the Sunday of National Convention 2011.

What do you personally expect to get out of the position in 2012?
I am really looking forward to working with new people and developing my skills throughout the year. I am always keen to learn new things and I know that I will be inspired by the trainers that I will get to work alongside!

Emma Eastwood graduating from JCI Designer course in Tarragona 2011I know that you've been working very closely with Dan Lally, Personal Development Director JCI UK 2011, what's been your favorite bit of 2011?
I have loved training with Past National Personal Development Director Adam Woodhall for two JCI Presenter courses and a JCI Trainer course. I am currently really enjoying working with Dan to develop a Local Leaders weekend. This is aimed at presidents, deputies, council members and those that are thinking of joining a council team and will be run for the first time in Boston on the weekend of the JCI Yorkshire Regional dinner (15th and 16th October). The cost is only £30 for the whole weekend. If anyone would like more information then please contact me at e.eastwood@cityliving.co.uk

I'd also like to get to know Emma as a person, what do you do in ydaily life?
I am an Associate Director for Leeds based City Living specialists Morgans and day to day I manage a team that rent out apartments in Leeds city centre. It is a fantastic fast paced environment and I thoroughly enjoy it. Outside of work I love socialising with friends in Leeds city centre.

Can you tell us one thing we don't know about you?
I'm petrified of dogs! If anyone knows how to cure my phobia then let me know!

If you could go for dinner with anyone in the world, who would that be and why?
Alan Carr. He is soooo funny and laughing is really important to me. I definitely don't think it is good to take life to seriously! Make sure that you have plenty of fun!

Thanks Emma! 

(interview done by Solveig. JCI UK Deputy National President 2011)