Why I love JCI Reading socials!

Why I love JCI Reading socials!

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So, I’m on the train home from another JCI Reading social and I got thinking to myself about why it is that I enjoy them so much – surely it’s just a couple of drinks? – but no, it’s actually so much more.

Firstly, it’s about meeting up with old friends, new friends and people you’ve never met before. Tonight for example there were longer term members, one of our newest members, a non-member revisiting from a previous social and a completely new face. And such variety too – lawyers, business consultants, life coaches, business coaches, a charity worker and a vet – how many places do you get that many people together!

We share problems and triumphs – tonight a big shout out has to go to JCI Reading member Lynda Harwood. Lynda works for Guide Dogs and was a member of JCI Glasgow before she moved to Reading a few years a go. Not only has she gained a promotion but her Guide Dogs films, the product of one and a half years’ hard work has been nominated to the European Film Awards – oh my goodness – perhaps we have a future Hollywood film director in our midst! Tell us more Lynda and we need links to the films.

Ok so we may not have such ground breaking and startling revelations at every social, but we have some interesting discussions. Not only do we have the general chit chat and news, but taking tonight as an example we have discussed our own businesses and hobbies established and new, exchanged ideas and experiences that have contributed to our own personal development that can help each other, talked about personality types and how recognising them can help relationships in business. Of course, our Immediate Past President, Steve Wells of Aim to Succeed – business coaches, always fuels an interesting comment. A passing comment by one member saying she’d like some conflict training lead to almost a ‘mini’ training workshop – I dare anyone to listen to Steve and not learn something they can use to their everyday lives.

I would argue in fact that a social is not just a social, but in fact can fulfil all four of the JCI elements in one evening – business, personal development, community and international. What other pub event can you get all this? Look out for our next social!

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