What are you doing on 15 September 2018? Save the date

What are you doing on 15 September 2018? Save the date

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For the first time in partnership with Let’s Do It World, JCI UK will be joining 15 other National Organisations leading the World Clean Up Day project.

JCI UK Joins in the biggest civic action

Let’s Do It World is a global civic movement with a mission to connect and empower people and organisations to make our planet waste free.

As active citizens committed to creating positive change, it is not in our nature to walk by litter on the street and just ignore it.  For JCI members, when we witness someone dumping litter, we don’t just see a problem, we see an opportunity for change.

JCI is mobilizing its global network for World Clean-up Day on Saturday 15 September 2018 to bring 5% of the world’s population together to create a clean and healthy planet. Individuals from more than 150 countries will stand up against the global litter problem and clean their communities, making it the biggest positive civic action the world has ever seen.

JCI UK Tackles 7 United Nations Sustainable Development Goal

World Clean-up Day provides an opportunity to take direct action on seven of the 17 goals:

  • Goal 3-Good Health and Well-being
  • Goal 6-Clean Water and Sanitation
  • Goal 11-Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Goal 12-Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Goal-13 Climate Action
  • Goal-14 Life Below Water
  • Goal-15 Life on Land

Inappropriately discarded waste touches every corner of our world contributing to issues such as land and sea pollution. While the seven goals listed above directly address waste on the planet, all the global goals can be advanced one step at a time.

JCI UK Tackles Rubbish Blindness

We invite all local chambers, members, friends and corporate partners to join us on Saturday 15th September. We have four simple step of engagement;


See it – Map it – Bag it – Move it

Let’s mobilise our communities!

Download the App – Start Litter Mapping your communities

Get your phone, install World Cleanup App from the the App Store or Google play store.

Clean up day – Levels of engagement

This is a big project and we want to get as many chambers and communities involved. We want individuals to participate in whichever way they can. JCI UK has designed a framework which allows communities to be a part of the clean-up day on many levels.


Litter Mappers

  • Whether you are going for a run or walking down the street, keep your World Clean-up app on! We want you to take a photo of the Litter and upload to the app. If you can, clean up the Litter and photograph the spot – uploading the area as cleaned!
  • If you physically cannot remove the rubbish found, just take the photo – this will inform your community members who will then coordinate efforts to get it removed.

Community Cleaners

  • These are the individuals whose main role is to check the Cleanup Day App for areas where rubbish needs collecting. These individuals will then coordinate to get the rubbish removed appropriately.
  • This team of individuals can be coordinated by local JCI chambers, local community clean-up groups, corporates and companies.

Local Community Clean-up leadership Team

  • This is a group which ideally would be a local JCI Chamber / local community clean-up group
  • The main role will be to engage their communities, gain partnerships and coordinate the clean-up day on September 15th
  • This team will have members overseeing areas such as marketing, mapping, partnerships and event coordination.

Register Your Interest

Please register your interest now by filling in the google-form.  We will keep you updated with the project. Use hashtag #WorldCleanupDay to join in the conversation and follow of Facebook page.

World Clean-Up UK Launch Event

Join us on Saturday, 21st April at JCI Launchpad in Nottingham. We will be launching World Clean-Up Day in the UK. See link below to register for Launchpad. In the meantime download the World Clean-up Day App and start litter mapping your community. Register Here

For more information on World Clean Up Day and  partnerships  email UK Project Manger phoebe.benta@jciuk.org.uk

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