A JCI Museum! Visit to the US Jaycee National Archives

A JCI Museum! Visit to the US Jaycee National Archives

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JCI has a rich and long history going back all the way to 1915. As a part of the USJC Leadership Academy, I got to visit the USJC National Service Center (USJCNSC) and the US Jaycee archives were much of the history of not only the US Jaycees is preserved but also the history of the JCIs.

Here’s some pictures from my visit. Jaycee Travis Ahlquist showed me around. Travis is Membership Director on the USJC national executive board. 

In front of the USJCNSC building

Posing in front of the USJC National Service Centre with JCI Calgary President Bethany Wall

Blog » USNC state plaques.jpg

Each state member has a plaque in the entrance to the centre

Blog » USJC presidents office.jpg

US JCI National President Joanie Cramer in her office

Blog » US JC presidents.jpg

Pictures of past US JC National Presidents

Blog » USJC and the US presidents.jpg

JCI and the US Presidents

Blog » USNC gold plates.jpg

Gold plated plates and cups with the JCI logo. The US President got one of these and so do the UK Prime Minister!

Blog » USNC creed - find three faults.jpg

JCI Creed. Find three faults! (two are spelling mistakes, one is grammar)

Blog » USNC various activities.jpg

JCI opera!

Blog » USNC overview.jpg

The room the museum is in. 

Blog » UNSC HY.jpg

And of course, pictures of Hy – Henry Giessebier, the founder of JCI…

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