Time to train: request time off work to learn new skills

Time to train: request time off work to learn new skills

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JCI UK would like to highlight this new legal right from 6 April 2010.

Find out about the right employees have to request time to undertake study or training (also known as ‘time to train’). If you qualify for the right and want to make a request, you should follow the steps explained in these pages. The right to request ‘time to train’ If you are an employee and you work in an organisation with 250 or more employees you have the statutory (legal) right to request timeforstudy or training. This right is known as ‘time to train’.

From 6 April 2011 the right will apply to all employees working in organisations of all sizes, regardless of how many employees there are. You do not have to use the right for every training request. If you already have a system with your employer for making training requests you can continue to use that.

To make a statutory request for ‘time to train’ you must:

  • be an employee
  • have worked for your employer continuously for at least 26 weeks before you apply

Read more on the time to train section at Directgov

So now you can ask your employer to support your JCI training.

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