Thinking outside of the box…by putting things in a box!

Thinking outside of the box…by putting things in a box!

April 1, 2017 12:26 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

I have always considered the International side of JCI as the jewel in the organisation’s crown.  Unfortunately, some members aren’t always able to participate in this area of opportunity.  One Chamber has decided to put it’s own spin on this, to make it accessible to all its members.


JCI Barnsley have partnered with JCI Finland to create a culture box exchange.  JCI Barnsley filled a box with numerous items which are synonymous with the town, and surrounding areas.  This included food, souvenirs, and some JCI UK materials.

This was swiftly followed by a return package from JCI Finland, and JCI Barnsley were kind enough to invite me along to the opening.  

International events » box1.jpg

Similarly to JCI Barnsley’s box, there was a lot of food and drink.  However, my absolute favourite was the ‘Finnish Nightmares’ book, giving a fascinating insight into the Finn’s psyche.  Reading this, I have noticed a lot of similarities between this and some very common British problems!  Such as the below…

 International events » box2.jpg

This was a fantastic evening and it was great to see such engagement in International events on a local level.  As exciting it is to see members travelling to other countries, events like this are great initiatives.  I hope we will see more activities like this throughout the year.


Well done JCI Barnsley!


Are your Local Chamber doing something similar?  Let me know!  It is initiatives such as this that I want to share with our members.


Katie Ogley

JCI UK International Director

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