Think, Decide, Act!

Think, Decide, Act!

February 17, 2016 12:10 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Have you had to make big decisions recently?

For me, January and February have been a time of some major decisions. You know, those where you list pros and cons and try to make sense whether this or that option would be better. Where you try to see into the future (without the help of a crystal ball!). Where you feel you have made a decision, and go to bed thoroughly relieved — only to wake up the following morning, feeling unsure again.

It is about reflecting on what you really want; what is important to you; and where you can compromise. It is about figuring out how much risk you feel comfortable taking, and which risks are a total no-no as far as you are concerned.

And then one day, the tide turns. It is perhaps a quick talk with a few significant persons, or perhaps finding out, or re-interpreting, some key data. You are then ready to make a decision and act, to take a step in a new direction. In my own case, it was both discussions with some key people and finding out some new information that helped me finally to decide. Having support from my family, especially my Hubby, obviously helped.

So, I have now signed … and feel great. A few formalities remain, but it now certainly looks like that my life is moving on to a fascinating direction. Decisions complete, I feel I am now full of energy again — ready to roll!

We all have big decisions to make from time to time. How can we become more effective in making decisions? How can we support each other in taking steps towards the new?

Some decisions will need to be taken alone. But within JCI, we are not alone.

Portraits » Anne Craven.jpgIn the Southern Region of UK, we have started collaborating more effectively than previously. Planning for three exciting Regional events is underway, and there is a team comprising members from different Chapters in the South, organising those events. (We are still looking for more people for the organisation team — no need to commit for the whole year, just one event if you wish — do drop me a line!).

The first Southern Region event in 2011 will be the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party on 12 March in Guildford, and tickets are about to be released very soon. Prior to all these events, we will have a Regional Council meeting, where good practice can be exchanged between representatives of the Southern Region Chapters. I am positive that these exchanges make us stronger as a Region. And when we collaborate effectively, any decisions that need making within an individual Chapter will be easier to take, with the support of others.

Ready for some fun, South? Let’s make 2011 a year of collaboration; of effective decisions, and successful results. Together, we can think, decide, and act — collaboratively!


Anne Craven/RGC for the South, 2011

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