The Pound a Day Challenge is Back!

The Pound a Day Challenge is Back!

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As I’m sat here writing this, I’m feeling full and bloated after all the Christmas festivities.  I am also feeling grateful that I have the means to celebrate in such a lavish way.  The Pound a Day Challenge is a perfect way to remedy this!   Not only does it mean that I will spend a week without the unhealthy luxuries, such as takeout food and alcohol, but also do something positive to help those who are less fortunate.

The question is, who’s joining me?!

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Whether you’re taking part for the first time or need a refresher from last year, below are the rules for the Pound a Day Challenge!

– Your £7 weekly budget has to include both food and drink. 

– You donate the difference between your £7 budget and your normal food and drink spend and donate it through the Just Giving page.

– You can use basic seasonings of salt and pepper from your cupboard. However, you cannot use additional spices such as chilli and garlic unless you buy them from your budget. 

– You can use oil for cooking purposes, but only in small qualities. It cannot be used in large amounts for things such as salad dressings unless you purchase it specifically for such dishes. 

– You cannot use sauces or condiments such as mayonnaise or ketchup unless you purchase them from your £7 budget. 

– You can buy items that come in large quantities, such as tea bags, split it and exclude the percentage of money for the amount taken out. However, you must declare this before the event and make sure you are not tempted to cheat and dip into the part that is from outside your budget!

Ways to get involved

– Undertake the full challenge, using the rules above.  We encourage this one the most as part of the challenge is understanding what it is like to live on such a small budget, as many people in the UK do.

– If you don’t feel able to commit to the full challenge, consider giving up a luxury item, such as alcohol or your favourite sweet treat, and donate what you would have spent.

– Sponsor other members taking part.

Registering for the Challenge

Register by making your donation (cost of your normal weekly shop minus £7) to the Just Giving page

Let us know what you’re doing

We are big fans of active social networking so, whether funny or serious, get posting! 
We want to see your shopping list, recipe ideas and meal photos. We also want to know how you’re doing throughout the event; is it easy? Are you struggling? Utilise the facebook group or tweet using #jciukpoundaday to share ideas and keep each other motivated.  JCI UK also has a Pound a Day Pinterest board so be sure to follow that for motivation.

Don’t suffer in silence!

Participants are taking on a mighty challenge by doing this event and personally making valuable contributions to charity. So spread the word about what you’re doing. Share the Just Giving link and get friends, family and colleagues to give up something small and donate the money in support of what you’re doing. If they don’t want to give something up then they can just make a donation as sponsorship. Good luck, I can’t wait to hear how you get on!

If you have any questions about the event please contact Katie Ogley, Pound a Day Project Manager on or 07780642469.


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