The journey of saving lives begins with donating a mosquito net!

The journey of saving lives begins with donating a mosquito net!

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The journey of saving lives begins with donating a mosquito net.

Coming together representing different backgrounds and experiences made the shooting of the third video to Tamale make sense and offer it’s great impact. The shooting of the video thought one lesson and it just demonstrated what can happen when people diversified in thoughts but unified in one common purpose channel their energies to achieve this. So I can almost feel the zealousness from the French team leader, Rafael who tried many times just to get this video right to save lives. (smile)

Over the period, most people that live in the western world turn to forget that quite a number of people in Africa and Asia live every day of their lives been vulnerable to malaria.

Hearing Edouard talk so enthusiastically, revealed his genuine intent about making this world a better place and helping the people especially pregnant mothers and children who stand the highest risk of malaria.

For the same reason expressed differently, members of  this campaign have joined this initiative because they want to make this world a better place.

Our new addition Wahjib, shared some very valuable information as a data manager from the malaria control unit in Ghana which proved very useful to the campaign ; and what such great and fantastic work done by passionate video director Svenja whose energy in all of this was enchanting and inspirational.

Of course, there are all sort of good causes, but Winnie decided to join this cause as well as Ade whose reason for volunteering was to see an Africa rid of poverty and disease. On first hand, there is no better way to share the gruesome effect of malaria than hearing it from  a doctor. Ben, also a medical doctor has seen people die of this disease.  I have personally fallen victim twice to this pandemic. Borrowing Soraya’s words, prevention is better than cure and a healthy community is a wealthy community.

Malaria can be prevented and it is for this reason we ask each of you to join us and help us eradicate it. It would be great to receive your donation and help our cause

Remember my friends, together with you, we can save lives.

Paa Kwesi B. Inkumsah

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