Take 2 minutes to support influential young people from the UK

Take 2 minutes to support influential young people from the UK

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As it says this will take you 2 minutes at most and you will be helping the 5 young people from the UK who in their own way are trying to inspire a generations.

Each year JCI runs the ‘JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World (JCI TOYP) Program’ this is a way of honouring people that make a difference through, social, political, environmental and entrepreneurial actions.  Previous winner have included JFK and Elvis Presley.

In the UK we can be a bit too ‘British’ about giving and receiving recognition and rarely shout about our achievements, well with our recent Olympic success I hope that has changed.

JCI UK have 5 people (that is 25%) of the finalists this year and they need your support to ensure they get through to the final 10 honourees. These are young people that will be representing the UK for years to come and you can help be part of their continued success.

The final stage includes a public vote, so please click on the 5 links below of the UK entrants then ‘like’ each of the profile. Technically this will take you seconds to do, and I would encourage you to read their profiles too, as they are people that you will hear about in the years to come.

Jamie (nominated by JCI Reading)

Bobby – http://www.jci.cc/toypvote/home.php?n=4
Rabia – http://www.jci.cc/toypvote/home.php?n=18
Andre – http://www.jci.cc/toypvote/home.php?n=2
Katherine – http://www.jci.cc/toypvote/home.php?n=14

I would like to thank you for your help, as your actions will help promote JCI UK on the international stage within JCI and therefore have a bigger impact here at home in the UK

Also – This year JCI Reading Nominated Jamie Dunn (from Birmingham) next year we would much rather nominate some home grown Berkshire talent, so please contact me about this.


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