Could you step up and be the 2019 International Director?

Could you step up and be the 2019 International Director?

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Putting the ‘I’ in JCI

The ‘I’ in JCI, literally stands for ‘international’ which reflects the fact that JCI is a global network.  This time in our series of blogs about the 2019 National Team opportunities, we focus on what the role of International Director entails.

Whether you are a new member of JCI or have been a member for a number of years, you are very likely to be facebook friends with other members who have been to an international JCI conference.  You will know because your newsfeed will be filled with photos of them proudly sporting their ‘jackage’ i.e. their Union Jack flags and paraphernalia – a  bit like in the below – at any opportunity whilst at an international event!

The ‘B’ word – Brexit

“Next year marks a historical year where we will see Brexit – the United Kingdom depart from the European Union in 2019.  Whatever your views on Brexit, what is important is that JCI UK is ‘open for business’ and welcoming of visitors from across the globe and will continue to work closely with JCI Europe. I am very pleased that London will be hosting the JCI European Capitals Meeting in Greenwich in May, which will be an opportunity to help spread this message” says Mark Smith, 2018 Deputy National President.

The world’s your oyster

Some of the most known international events are the annual JCI European Conference (which in 2019 will be held in Lyon in France) and the annual World Congress (which will be held in Tallinn, Estonia next year).  But there are so many more opportunities from the JCI Scotland National Convention (April 2019), JCI Ireland National Convention (October 2019), Global Partnership Summit in New York (July 2019), The Crayfish Conference in Sweden (August 2019) and that’s just a few!

We asked Debbie Worthington, the 2014 International Director about what the role involved.  She said “it was occasionally like herding cats, but they’re really happy cats who are loving exploring somewhere new, meeting other cats and going home with incredible memories that will make their cat friends at home really jealous! International Director is my favourite role on National Board and it gave me the perfect opportunity to put all of the skills I’d learned through JCI into practice”.

Be a global networker!

For more information, please read the 2019 International Director Role.

If you wish to stand, please complete the intention to stand template for 2019 – this asks for the reasons you want to stand, what experience you have and the ideas you have for the role.  You then need to get a JCI Chamber to propose you and another to second you – this would usually by the President of the proposing or seconding Chamber.  Then e-mail this to Vicky Biggs, 2018 Admin Director at and also myself at the latest, by 8pm on 17th August 2018.  If more than one person stands for a particular role, we will let you know in case you wish to prepare an election campaign.  National Board roles will then be voted on at the JCI UK Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 15th September.


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