Could you step up and be the 2019 Deputy National President for JCI UK?

Could you step up and be the 2019 Deputy National President for JCI UK?

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An important role on the National JCI UK Team is the role of Deputy President.  Like at a local chamber level, the role of Deputy President is a three-year commitment: serving as Deputy National President in 2019; as National President in 2020; then as Immediate Past President in 2021.

Now whilst the sound of 2020 and 2021 sounds a bit space-age (or was that just me from when I was at school), trust me…it will come around very quickly!

In a nutshell, the year serving as Deputy National President is one of learning and shadowing the National President and a year of preparation.  Its not all watching and listening though: as Deputy you do need to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in supporting the current National Team in delivering the current annual plan of action, supporting your network of local Deputy Presidents and heading up the Chamber Taskforce which aims at helping existing Chambers that could do with some support as well as giving a hand to potential new and emerging chambers.

We caught up with Sarah Beckwith who was Deputy National President in 2015 about what it was like to do the role.  “Being elected to the role of Deputy National President was the start of an incredible three year journey as part of the leadership team of JCI UK.  As Deputy I started to really get to know the ins and outs of running a national organisation – building a team of local Deputy Presidents and recruiting a National Board, dealing with complex governance challenges, preparing a plan of action and participating in international meetings, where proposals for the future of JCI were debated.  I got to know other Deputy National Presidents from around the world, building a global network which would be an invaluable support in my year as national president and beyond”.

Usually a person putting themselves forward for Deputy National President has tended to have served previously on the National Board and a local Council Team, although its not always the case – hard work and a tonne of enthusiasm is key.  As Sarah says “during the three years of being Deputy, National President and then Immediate Past President (IPP), I pushed myself like I’ve never done so before!  There were ups and downs, but the rewards were so very worth it – I developed numerous tangible and intangible skills, created some unforgettable memories and got to work with so many inspiring JCI members who will be friends for life”.

Could you step up?

To find out more about what the three year commitment involves: read the role descriptions for 2019 Deputy National President Role, 2020 National President Role and 2021 Immediate Past National President Role.

If you wish to stand, please complete the intention to stand template for 2019 – this asks for the reasons you want to stand, what experience you have and the ideas you have for the role.  You then need to get a JCI Chamber to propose you and another to second you – this would usually by the President of the proposing or seconding Chamber.  Then e-mail this to Vicky Biggs, 2018 Admin Director at and also myself at the latest, by 8pm on 17th August 2018.  If more than one person stands for a particular role, we will let you know in case you wish to prepare an election campaign.  National Board roles will then be voted on at the JCI UK Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 15th September.


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2018 Deputy National President JCI UK

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