Could you step up and be the 2019 Business Development and Partnerships Director for JCI UK?

Could you step up and be the 2019 Business Development and Partnerships Director for JCI UK?

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Uniting all sectors of society

JCI has the ambition globally to be “the organisation that unites all sectors of society to create sustainable impact”.  Impressive stuff hey? But what does that mean in practice?

By all ‘all sectors of society’ it means a) the public sector (such as the Government, Local Councils, Police, NHS, Fire…services that are funded); b) the private sector (as in businesses) and c) civil society or ‘non-governmental organisations’ (NGOs) as our friends in America like to call them (such as the voluntary and community sector and/or charities).

Like the sound of that?  Could you work your magic on this for JCI UK next year?

Here comes the ‘science’ bit

Mark Smith Deputy National President says “the Business Development and Partnerships Director will be a vital role on the 2019 National Board.  As well as it being key to working with me as National President to strengthen existing partnerships (such as with the British Chamber of Commerce for example), it will also play a crucial role in securing new relationships and collaborations with organisations and businesses that can support JCI either through in-kind support or sponsorship and that will help make our organisation even more relevant to our age group”.  This role will work on identifying the important movers and shakers and influencers (apart from JCI, of course) that we want to connect with and more importantly who would want to and benefit from collaborating with us as JCI UK or what we like to call the ‘no brainer’ moment!

Gift of the gab

So if you like networking, meeting people and are good at communicating or have a talent for ‘selling ice to eskimos’, then this role would be particularly up your street!

If you are interested, have a read through the 2019 Business Development & Partnerships Director Role that outlines the commitment involved and please get in touch with me for a chat either by phone, email, whats app.

The small print

If you wish to stand, please complete the intention to stand template for 2019 – this asks for the reasons you want to stand, what experience you have and the ideas you have for the role.  You then need to get a JCI Chamber to propose you and another to second you – this would usually by the President of the proposing or seconding Chamber.  Then e-mail this to Vicky Biggs, 2018 Admin Director at and also myself at the latest, by 8pm on 17th August 2018.  If more than one person stands for a particular role, we will let you know in case you wish to prepare an election campaign.  National Board roles will then be voted on at the JCI UK Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 15th September.


Mark Smith

2018 Deputy National President JCI UK

Senator #76527

M: 07977 422341


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