So what’s it actually like on National Board?

So what’s it actually like on National Board?

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Today we are taking a break from the posting of just the roles and having a look at what a role on National Board meant to four past members who have been there already. We’ll also be getting a view about what it’s like from current members of the national team as well, but that will be in a few days time. If you have any questions about joining the natinla team next year, please e-mail


Phil Cavalier-Lumley

Marketing Director 2013

‘I enjoyed being National Marketing Director in 2013 because at a local level in JCI you have good control of the marketing effort based on your ambitions and experience, however, nationally you have to use different skills such as negotiation, influence and communication to ensure each chamber throughout the UK is following JCI branding guidelines, the JCI UK theme and promotion of the key events to name just a few. Organising the annual two-day Marketing Academy to help local Marketing Directors at the start of the year to learn about marketing and understand how to exploit the opportunities for marketing and promotion of the organisation at a local level is a true highlight of my year. However, most importantly it was a wonderful team building exercise to help and support each other going forward. I felt that this position on national board stretched and challenged me for the better and never in a negative way. I was a member of JCI UK for 14 years before I put myself forward for a national role and I regret leaving it so late. I recommend a role on national board to any member who wants to grow in confidence and develop their skills in leadership’



Kate Senter

Marketing Manager 2012

Deputy National President 2013

National President 2014

Immediate Past President 2015

‘Joining the national board was an exciting step and one that I could not have foreseen when I joined my local JCI chapter some four years earlier. I thought it was something ‘other people’ did, but with support and encouragement and a little self belief, I did it! Having the opportunity to work with members from other chambers was a great learning experience and coming together to support our national organisation felt very positive. I’ve truly made life long friends from the national board teams I have worked with. It was also at this point that I was able to seize the opportunity to travel with JCI and meet more like minded members. This element has given me loads of life experiences that have shaped the person that I am today – thank you JCI! ‘



Debbie Worthington

Admin Director 2010

Admin Director 2011

International Director 2014

‘I’ve been lucky enough to play a part on National Board on three occasions, twice as Admin Director and then as International Director. Each time has been unique due to the different leadership and teams, but it’s always been great fun and filled with valuable learning experiences. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge, have a chat to someone who’s held that role and get stuck in, you won’t regret it!’




Paul Widger

Finance Director 2014

Finance Director 2015

I served as JCI UK Finance Director for 2014 and 2015. I did so without having been a local president, or holding any regional post. It was a terrific way to learn about other chambers, spend time with experienced JCI members, and absorb loads of ideas to take back to my local chamber (where I later served as local president). The National Board team strongly want to support and improve the network of local chambers, and for that they need an influx of keen people and a dialogue with local councils and members.

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