Past Presidents Dinner

Past Presidents Dinner

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As immediate past president, this year it fell to me to organise the past presidents dinner. For the second year in a row we decided we wanted to gather them all up to honour our history and the people who shaped it. 

It seemed only fitting that this is a very formal event and our past presidents agreed. All dressed up and ready for a good time everyone arrived at The Holiday Inn, Barnsley for what would be a smaller version of Annual Dinner. 

Now for those of you that haven’t heard of the Past Presidents Dinner, don’t worry it is a small event with only Past Presidents, Senators, Council Team and invited guests. 

Past Presidents
JCI Barnsley Presidents 

We had a lovely two course meal (food is always nice at The Holiday Inn), we then heard from Nick Hawley giving everyone an idea on how he had ‘challenged himself’ during his active membership. 

Our 2014 President Ben Hawley then updated everyone with that with have been up to and asked them all for help in repairing the presidential chain. You see this chain is now 62 years old. It’s been chipped and the that clasp is broken. It’s seen the full history of our chamber better than any of the members. With a game of heads and tails (won by Dan Lally) we raised some money towards the repairs. Restoring our chain to its former glory, allowing members to write 60 more years of our history. 

The night just wouldn’t be the same without some drama! As we finished the formal part of the evening… the fire alarm went off! Blowing all the lights as well! Luckily it was a false alarm, however the lights didn’t come back on. Our ever resilient past president still found a way to carry on the night, heading to the bar where the lights were still on. 

Hopefully this will be a yearly event and after organising the last two I will happily pass the job on to Ben next year. As we know though we don’t just see the past president once or twice a year, some of them are around all the time, which is where I think JCI Barnsley gets it’s strength and I hope that stays the same for years to come. 

Charlie Pearson
JCI Barnsley Immediate Past President 

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