Past JCI London Presidents awarded ‘Freemen of London’

Past JCI London Presidents awarded ‘Freemen of London’

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It used to be a tradition that the Presidents of JCI London received the Freedom of the City of London for service to the City. It’s a tradition we took up again this year and we hope to catch up with some of the presidents that got skipped over the years. Marco, Solveig and I got awarded in the City of London yesterday. To be a Freeman means that we can finally bring our sheep over London Bridge without paying toll (think the traffic police would be very unhappy though).It’s a formal ceremony and you promise this:

“I do solemnly declare that I will be good and true to the our Sovereign Lady QUEEN ELIZABETH ll; that I will be obedient to the Mayor of the City:
that I will maintain the Franchises and Custom thereof, and will keep this city harmless in that which in me is: that i will also keep the Queen’s peace in my own person;
that I will know no Gathering nor Conspiracies made against the the Queen’s Peace, but I will warn the Mayor thereof, or hinder it to my power :
and that all these point and articles I will well and truly keep, according to the Laws and Customs of this City, to my Power.”

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After the ceremony, from the left Chris Edge, Marco van den Heuvel, Sofie Sandell, Sören Johansson, Marita Sandell, Solveig Malvik, Merete Askim, Corinna Edge, Bill Fraser (JCI London President 1969) and Sarah Beckwith.  

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