No 1. The Business Magic Series – How to persuade anyone to do anything (well, almost)

No 1. The Business Magic Series – How to persuade anyone to do anything (well, almost)

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World leading expert on persuasion, member of the magic circle and writer for the Royal Opera House: Lee Warren, one half of Invisible Training with James Harwood, taught us how to persuade anyone to do anything.

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Well, by his own admission he could not expect the sharp-witted JCI audience to believe that. Instead, he delivered an evening of applicable, real-world techniques through entertaining anecdotes, relevant tips, a memorable ‘ham pie’ acronym and the occasional magic trick.

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Before you move on from reading the rest of this blog entry, just do one thing for me – think of a time when you just could not get what you wanted. Think of the different strategies you employed, the people you approached and the mental effort in attempting to get your result.

What went wrong? It can seem such a psychological and political minefield. At this event I learnt that the ways and means of persuasion are, far from being manipulative or brain-washing, so simple that they really could lay claim to having some magical quality.

Afterwards I heard comments amongst the audience like ‘wasn’t that useful’, ‘some great tips’ and ‘I can apply this immediately’ – as could you. Invisible training will be presenting No. 2 in the Business Magic Series on the 22nd May. JCI will benefit from another attendee and you will undoubtedly be left with the same unforgettable impression that this event left with me.

Have I persuaded you?

Anyone who attended the session will recognise the four steps that Lee sprinkled into our minds – I’m credible; I’m fallible; work with me on this; a mutually beneficial outcome.

He convinced us of his authority and the rarity of his pearls of wisdom; he told us the weakness of his strategies just before their compelling strengths; he engaged that little bit of commitment from us by offering the session reading in return for our email addresses: the dark art of persuasion or practical steps? Either way it certainly worked on me.

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Maybe in a few days the thrill of new learning will fade and the key points forgotten, but the fact remains: what better session to attend than one where it is so enjoyable to be persuaded.

See you at the next Business Magic event.

Written by Julianne Ezra (Guest Attendee)


Gripping scene of tension, engrossed in the art of persuasion.

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