New JCI Isle of Man granted provisional organisation status

New JCI Isle of Man granted provisional organisation status

August 25, 2019 1:26 pm Published by 1 Comment

Mark Smith National President 2019 of JCI UK is pleased to announce and welcome JCI Isle of Man as a new ‘provisional organisation*’ to the JCI UK family of local chambers!

Hope Chirengwa, Growth & Development Director 2019 for JCI UK is leading by example and personally championing the new local JCI chamber where he currently lives on the Isle of Man.  Hope said “over the last decade, the Isle of Man has attracted thousands of young men and women to its shores as it graciously expands its horizons and future prospects. Amongst those are former members of JCI from different parts of the world so it makes perfect sense to form a new JCI local chamber there”.

So why the Isle of Man?

Aligned with the JCI UK and JCI’s mission, the JCI Isle of Man (PO) will seek to provide opportunities to members to develop their network and skills to succeed within their careers, society and personal lives. We intend to provide our members with the tools and skills to empower them to step out of their comfort zones and identify the challenges they are facing in their local communities and devise solutions to facilitate a sustainable impact. 

What and where is the Isle of Man?

The Isle of Man is an island located within the Irish Sea. It is geographically situated right in the middle of ScotlandIrelandEngland and Wales. However, Isle of Man is neither a member of the European Union nor England. It is a territory of the British crown, though, so the people living in the Isle of Man can be referred to as British citizens. Travel to the Isle of Man is recommended to bear witness to a beauty that offers historical, natural and well-preserved attractions from the Medieval era.

The history of Isle of Man saw an invasion of the Celts to the Vikings and then the Scots took control of Isle of Man. It was during 1764 when the British crown gained control of the Isle of Man although the country was never incorporated into the United Kingdom. Today, only half of the population in the Isle of Man are native folks while the other half are from elswhere (mostly from the UK). In term of government rule, the British crown represents Isle of Man in diplomatic and defence ministries. When it comes to housing and immigration, however, Isle of Man acts independently from the UK

How do I get involved?

Well its easy – if you are in your 20s and 30s, you are passionate about personal development and community impact then get in touch with our primary contact Hope Chirengwa is more than excited to help you start your journey with the leading network of young leaders & professionals in the world. Get in touch with him on email

Signing up to join JCI Isle of Man (PO) is easy and can be done via this link.

*JCI UK National Board considers application from brand new JCI Chambers and can grant them ‘provisional organisation’ status.  Once the new Chamber has 10 members, a bank account and a constitution, it can apply it the JCI UK National Council (‘the supreme authority of the organisation) for affiliation and therefore the PO status is no longer required.  Affiliated JCI UK Chambers have the right to vote at National Council.

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