NAW16 – Inter-organisation Collaboration and Skills Development

NAW16 – Inter-organisation Collaboration and Skills Development

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An inspiring project and programme are the next two award winners featured in this national award winners series.

Best Inter-Organisational Collaboration Project – JCI London for London 4 Refugees
(Award Sponsored by James Lambert, JCI UK PD Director 2016)

In this project, JCI London decided to tackle the refugee crisis – a very current issue affecting countries all over Europe. The objective they set out at the beginning of the project were:

  • To raise awareness of the condition of refugees at the UK-France border in Calais, 
  • To act to facilitate the integration of refugees in the UK. 
  • To provide long term and immediate solutions impacting the quality of life of refugees. 
  • To inspire young citizens worldwide to create positive change about this major global challenge. 

Members first attended relevant events to equip themselves with the knowledge to help contribute to tackling the refugee crisis. This included a panel discussion at the House of Lords on the responsibility to protect refugees and how to handle the crisis. A Jordanian Refugee Camp film screening and symposium held at the US Embassy by US Ambassador Matthew Bazun and Ambassador Houmoud of Jordan was also attended allowing members to gain a better insight into the life and of adaptation refugees in other countries. This also gave us the opportunity to network with potential partners

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The chamber collaborated with JCI France, JCI Hong Kong and JCI Syria to improve the conditions for refugees living in camps. JCI London members collected donations of clothes, books, toiletries and other essentials (batteries, kitchen utensils, cycle pumps) from other members and corporate partners and took them over to the refugee camp in Calais. They met with JCI France members there and spent the weekend volunteering in the camp, cooking meals and speaking to inhabitants. A social media campaign was also established to raise awareness of the conditions in the camp and engage a wide audience in the ethos of the project.

The chamber has also been working on the creation of one page information sheet of essential information to be given to refugees arriving in the UK. 

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Best Local Personal Skill Development Programme – JCI Manchester for Ultimate You
(Award sponsored by Peter Duffy, Senator #44100)

JCI Manchester’s “Ultimate You” programme included eight breakfast briefings (nearly 400 tickets sold), four public speaking workshops (over 50 tickets sold) and nine evening networking events (over 700 tickets sold). The events being held on a range of days and times showed an understanding of where and when to reach the target market.

The breakfast briefings are well regarded for their regularity, reliability and quality. They give the JCI brand stronger impact in Manchester and have even been copied by competitor organisations using event themes and speakers some weeks after JCI Manchester.

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The chamber hadn’t previously had a high level of engagement in public speaking, but the series made a large impact with participants showing marked improvement and enthusiasm to participate in the JCI UK national competitions.

JCI Manchester recognised that the best engagement comes by encouraging members to participate, rather than just listen. To this end, members were encouraged to deliver seminars themselves or help introduce speakers. More experienced members were also used as mentors to empower newer members to get to know the organisation better and develop their skills.

The chamber also engaged with their city by mentoring and supporting a “Youth Leaders Panel” in a bid for Manchester to be European Youth Capital 2019. This is through collaboration with Manchester Council, and a multiple partnership with them and their diverse contributors, thus connecting all sectors of society.

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