Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs

June 2, 2012 12:29 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

If someone had said to me “we’re going to play musical chairs” a few years ago (i.e. my pre-JCI days), I would have looked at them as if they were mad and probably refused to join in.  It’s a kids game right?  But that’s exactly what happened at our first JCI UK national board meeting this year and I immediately kicked off my shoes (for health and safety reasons!) and got stuck straight in.

That’s what JCI will do for you – lower your inhibitions, heighten your sense of fun and think that playing a kids game is a perfectly normal thing to do.  So normal in fact that there were complaints at our next meeting when we didn’t play it again.

When I told my work colleagues on the following Monday morning that over the weekend I’d played musical chairs, they did indeed give me strange looks.  And I looked back at them with pity, knowing they were the ones missing out on the stimulation and satisfaction of working with others who have that same attitude and mindset to use a children’s game to heighten energy, get creative and bond.

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