More books and DVDs = money for Guide Dogs for the Blind

More books and DVDs = money for Guide Dogs for the Blind

July 4, 2012 7:57 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Live in the Reading, Farnborough or Guildford areas and have any unwanted books or dvds that you do not want? JCI Reading can make good use of them by selling them for cash. What better excuse for  a clear out do you need?

This evening I have worked through a large pile of books, filtering those books out that can be sold to an internet based company. As a result I have put together a small boxful of books that are being bought for £14.50. The books came from a colleague who was house clearing in readiness to move abroad. 

Another order I have been able to put together is a handful of dvds – all ready to go in the post for £       . 

We’re storing up all the books and dvds that can’t be sold in this way ready for a car boot sale and book sales we’ll be attending later in the year. When we ran a book stall for Guide Dogs for the Blind recently at the East Reading Festival we raised just under £30 on second hand book sales in a couple of hours.

We’re also collecting cds, clothing, linen, handbags, shoes, cuddly toys and used postage stamps.

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