Membership is power!

Membership is power!

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Membership is power

Having just sent out one of my regular emails to the 2015 JCI UK Local Presidents, Deputy Presidents and the National Board team which commenced with a section on Membership I thought I’d post that particular element here as it’s a pertinent reminder about what local Chambers, and indeed other membership organisations, can do to ensure a good focus on membership is retained

We all know that membership retention and growth in particular are two constant hot topics for JCI and similar organisations – locally, nationally and indeed globally.  We are a membership-based organisation and without continued focus on this we essentially cease to exist.

Membership Tree

Unfortunately members don’t grow on trees and there’s no one solution which fixes all but there are a number of best practice hints and tips to help with membership activities.  JCI UK Membership Director Fiona Silvester has previously shared some of these with the local Chambers via their Membership Directors and I would encourage local Council teams to keep referring back to these.   

But what else can you do?  Well, there’s lots!  Off the top of my head:

– Regularly engage with your members personally – I can’t emphasise enough how much the personal touch helps.

– Remember the JCI UK Pathways Framework and get members to utilise it by following it and getting involved with both attending and helping organise events.

– Start planning (if you haven’t already) your New Member Evenings for September/October.  A good NME is a great way to introduce potential new members to the benefits of joining your orgnaisation

– Work on your websites – an up-to-date content-rich website is one of your primary marketing tools.

– Keep blogging and posting articles to ensure your our online marketing presence is current.

– Don’t forget to engage local business and community leaders to champion the benefits of joining an organisation like JCI.  Meetings with HR Managers/Directors of firms inyour area plus meetings with the Chamber of Commerce and other similar groups/orgs can be a great way of getting your chamber/organisation back into people’s minds, and can also help forget those all important strategic partnerships.

– Encourage your members to attend events at all levels – it’s not a big secret that getting members to attend national and international events over and above local events usually results in a long lasting membership for most as members get to see that there’s much, much more to the organisation than they might already know.  Bursaries are usually available to help with this.

– Consider introducing a local recognition/reward scheme to acknowledge all members who have brought in guests.  It doesn’t have to be big – even a little gift such as chocolates or a card to say thank you can speak volumes.

– Even if there is low attendance bookings for an event, still go ahead with it.  Just one impressed attendee can generate great feedback and important leads.  Continuity matters so don’t give up!

– Remind, repeat and reiterate!  Don’t leave renewals to chance. Make sure there is plenty of warning for your members over and above the emails they automatically receive from JCI UK.

– Don’t forget we’re approaching Membership Impact Week (or month for some) so plan what your chamber will be doing to promote this.

Working effectively together with your leadership team, including your Membership Director, is key.  Work closely together and always keep your eye on this important part of running an effective local organisation.


Drew Charman
2015 National President – JCI UK National Board
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