JCI World President Bertolt Daems to visit the UK

JCI World President Bertolt Daems to visit the UK

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JCI World President Bertolt DaemsWe’ve just received news that the JCI World President Bertolt Daems from the Netherlands will be visiting the United Kingdom 9th to the 11th of February!

President Daems will arrive in London the morning of the 9th and leave from Sheffield for Scotland for his visit to JCI Scotland the morning of the 11th.

The JCI World President, like all positions in JCI, has one year to lead. The President is elected at the World Congress the proceeding year and takes office the 1st of January in the year, holding office until the 31st of December. You can read more about what it takes to become World President on our “get involved” page.

Typically the World President visits between 70 and 90 countries in his or her year in office, we are therefore grateful that the President has chosen to visit us here in the UK.

Where can you meet the President?

While the details of the schedule is still being ironed out (for information on what it takes to host a World President, read the protocol document), the plan is that members can meet the President in both London and Sheffield during the visit. 

Plans are being put in place and in the meantime, save the date for

London: 9th February
Sheffield: 10th February

Both JCI London and JCI Sheffield as well as National Board are busy preparing an outstanding programme for the President’s visit.

For more information about President Daems you can read his bio, read his (or JCI’s) Plan of Action for 2012 or visit his campaign page.

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