JCI UK TOYP winners awarded at the World Congress in Osaka

JCI UK TOYP winners awarded at the World Congress in Osaka

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This year JCI UK has two TOYP winners (Ten Outstanding Young People of the World).

Every year JCI awards 10 young active citizens with the precious TOYP award. All winners were awarded at the TOYP ceremony 3 November in Osaka. JCI got more than 100 entries 2010. We would like to have two winners at the stage next year as well so it is time to start looking for talents in your communities.

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Emily Cummins, 23 years old from Leeds

For her extraordinary work in sustainable product design and innovation, Emily Cummins of Leeds, United Kingdom was named a 2010 JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World (JCI TOYP). Category of business, economic and/or entrepreneurial accomplishment.

After learning from her grandfather how to use tools to make toys from scraps, Cummins began building an exciting future in sustainable product innovation. While attending technology classes at the South Craven School, Cummins set to work creating designs to ease traditional tasks, beginning with a toothpaste dispenser for arthritis sufferers.

Cummins continued her passion for innovation and developed a talent for sustainable design by building a multi-bracket water carrier to ease transportation throughout southern Africa. Her experience led to the development of a sustainable refrigerator using a simple water evaporator design around a cylindrical storage container, which allows for the safe, uncontaminated transport of items like medicine, regardless of the local water quality.

In 2009, Cummins was chosen as the Barclays Woman of the Year and was Cosmopolitan magazine’s Ultimate Save-the-Planet Pioneer in 2008. After giving away her initial fridge design for duplication to help as many families in southern Africa as possible, Cummins is completing her final year as an Enterprise Scholar at Leeds University, studying Business Management. Her goal after school is to travel within the developing world and learn more about their resourceful and innovative ways of everyday life.

Emily says: “Thank you for this award, I am thrilled and honoured to receive it. I have much I wish to achieve in my life and being recognised as one of the top ten most outstanding young people in the world will certainly help me to attain my goals. I am sure this will support me in reaching as many young people as possible and help them to achieve their potential. Thank you all at JCI very much.”

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Sabirul Islam, 20 years old from London

For his extraordinary work in inspiring entrepreneurial spirit, Sabirul Islam of London, United Kingdom was named a 2010 JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World (JCI TOYP). Category of business, economic and/or entrepreneurial accomplishment.

At the young age of 14, Islam established his first venture, Veyron Technology, a web design company where he employed six other youths while attending school. His initial success empowered Islam to approach several high profile corporate clients, and earned him the Best Young Company in Inner East London award.

After an educational trip to New York at age 16, supported by Merrill Lynch, who recognized Islam’s unique talent and potential, he began trading part time on the London Stock Exchange. Islam followed up this experience with his first book, “The World at Your Feet – Turning Your Vision into Reality,” to inspire young people to succeed through enterprise and entrepreneurship by harnessing each person’s intensity, integrity and intelligence.
Following the success of his first book, Islam developed the “Teen-Trepreneur” brand, featuring a further three books, audio CD and workbook aimed at helping teens develop the skills they need to start their own business ventures and succeed. Islam’s work and inspirational attitude have earned him a world tour of speaking engagements and numerous awards including the Growing Up CEO Award and 2008 Mosaic Entrepreneur of the Year. He sets a positive example for the youth of today’s world proving that individual success can be achieved at any age.

Sabirul says: “It has been an honour to first be nominated by JCI UK and then here that I’ve actually won the award. I was shocked when I heard the news and would like to thank JCI for believing in what I do and my passion to inspire those around the World.”

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Sabirul at stage before his speech.

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All 2010 TOYP winners.


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