JCI UK Secret Santa


Community engagement is one of JCI’s key values

therefore we want to encourage chambers to give back to their local area this Christmas.


The Secret Santa appeal has proved incredibly successful in the 28 years since it was first launched by JCI Bradford, with the aim of spreading the Christmas spirit as far as possible by giving presents to underprivileged Children across the UK.


Following in the footsteps of local chambers who have previously run this event, we would like to introduce the Secret Santa appeal on a national scale, giving Chambers the resources and tools to plan their own event and invite both members and non-members to donate gifts to children in the local community who are less fortunate over the Christmas period.

This event can take place in a huge variation of ways but must require a set donation points and a local charity who will distribute the presents.



What presents can I include?
We suggest you take a look at the Samaritans Shoebox Appeal guidelines to ensure that all gifts provided are approproate and safe for the children, which you can find here. Although you must ensure gifts are age-appropriate and have a CE Mark. 
What charities can we partner with? 
 If you don’t have a local charity in mind, we can help local chambers find one via our local charity list on the Christmas Appeal Home Page.  We advise that your chosen charity should be the first point of contact in order to ensure their specific needs are being met. Google and Yell.com are also great resources to find your local voluntary services. 
How does this co-operate within Local Chamber budgets?
 We have provided a rough budget list below for chambers to use if they please, although this event can really cost as little or as much as you want, we advise that you organise a physical get-together to collect gifts, which may involve hiring a location, and then it’s totally up to you what you want to provide! We encourage each participant to purchase their own gift, which will then be checked to be appropriate upon collection. Local supermarkets are a good option (such as Asda and Tesco) as they have a strong community focus and can provide nice central pick up points as well as potential sponsorship for the campaign.
What about the other JCI Christmas events?
We have organised the JCI Christmas Appeal purely to give chambers ideas and reesources to host these events, whether you would like to do one or them all, that’s totally up to you!


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