JCI UK Pound a day challenge: Can it really be that hard!

JCI UK Pound a day challenge: Can it really be that hard!

January 2, 2013 8:41 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

When I first started looking at this project I thought ‘easy’! Surely this is a diet made for me, I love carbs and rice and pasta are so cheap!
However, I’m now starting to pay more attention to what I buy and what I eat, the realisation of the challenge is setting in. Just some of the foods that I ‘can’t live without’ are cheese, diet pepsi and crisps. I’m not sure any of these will make it onto my shopping list! A bottle of pepsi alone is more than £1! I better make sure my cupboards are clear of these things before 14th Jan as I fear the temptation to cheat would be too great! On a more significant note, looking at this has made me quite sad. I’m worrying about how hard it will be to cope without these ‘essentials’ for 

only 7 days out of 365 day of my entire life!  When to many around people the world word ‘essentials’ quite literally means basic food and clean water. For many this just a way life from when they are born to death.I feel quite selfish and ungrateful for my lifestyle. However, on the plus side, I can say I’m doing something about it! On that note we will be raising awareness of UN Millennium Development Goal 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.

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If you fancy taking up this challenge with me, find us on facebook  and if you are joining or want to support please donate via our Just Giving page.

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Katie Ogley
£1 a day National Project Manager 

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