JCI UK One pound a day challenge – Lasagne is off the menu, sadly

JCI UK One pound a day challenge – Lasagne is off the menu, sadly

January 5, 2013 6:15 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

I invited a friend around for dinner this evening. The evening usually starts with opening a bottle of wine and enjoying a few snacks (not too many, of course), followed by a two-course meal; a main and a dessert. After inviting him, I sat down to ponder what should be on the menu. Lasagne! I do a mean lasagne, though I am sure the Italians would probably disagree we me.

So Lasagne it is. I woke up early and headed to the supermarket. I spent £22 (which includes meat, vegetables, wine (2 bottles) and a dessert).

£1 a day » One pound a day - vetatables - pt - small.jpgI chopped up all the vegatables (8 different types no less) and placed them onto a plate. It then suddenly occurred to me how lucky we really are. Just look at this beautiful array of vegetables. Their colour is truly amazing; not to mentiion that they’re packed full of vitamins, essential oils and minerals. We are very fortunate.

Simply put – I doubt that I will be able to enjoy such an amazing meal when I take part in the JCI UK One Pound a Day challenge! Well, that’s the premise at the moment. I will know more once I have researched ideas and I will report back with what I find (oh, and how good the lasagne was, too!)


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