JCI UK Leadership Training

JCI UK Leadership Training

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JCI prides itself on developing the leaders of tomorrow so whey not get involved in some of the best leadership training JCI has to offer this autumn!

JCI South Regional Leadership Academy– Reading, 23-25 September

This intensive weekend residential is an ideal opportunity to challenge yourself to take action to develop your personal leadership potential in the workplace and in JCI.

Come and learn the essential ingredients to becoming the leader you want to be:

  • Learn why emotional intelligence is needed in leadership
  • How to communicate as a leader and how to build support around your ideas and projects,
  • What are your strengths as a leader and how can you make the most of them
  • Learn how to build and utilise networks and resources and how they can support your development as a leader.

You will you will be given an ‘Apprentice style-task’ on the Saturday afternoon where you will have to combine everything you have learnt so far about leadership to succeed.

Are you planning to take on an active leadership role in JCI next year? Learn more about JCI leadership Ladder and start planning your way to the top.

To book visit the booking site!

JCI North Regional Discover JCI/Local Leaders Weekend– Boston, 15-16 October

The weekend if designed to be fun, interactive and informative irrespective of your JCI experience.  The emphasis is on improving leadership skills combined with a focus on equipping young local leaders with the basic knowledge of the JCI UK processes and procedures to ensure that we can run the organisation more effectively.

Find out about individual roles and responsibilities within the organisation, how to have a successful JCI year, increasing and retaining membership and much more.

To book visit the events’ booking site!

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