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At the 2021 Annual General Meeting, September 14, 2021, the National Council elected the National Council elected the 2022 National Board to be led by Hope Chirengwa as its 84th National President of Junior Chamber International United Kingdom (JCI UK) ensuring further growth and continuity within the organization.

Rallying behind the theme “Stronger Together”, our ambition next year is to help build stronger and more collaborative local organisations that meet the development needs of our members in our cities. JCI UK should be top of mind to any young person in the country who is committed to developing into a renowned leader, professional and/or entrepreneur.

The team will focus on 4 main goals

  1. Member driven approach “We want to do valuable things for our members,”
  2. Recruitment “… growing the national organisation to ensure we are more robust and future proof”
  3. Digitisation & Innovation “…innovatively in a digital way,”
  4. Collaboration “…collaborating internally & externally to deliver to the national organisation.”

The elected board consists of:  Peter Robertshaw (Administrative Director), Chantelle Nylander Quartey (Director for Engagement), Hanan Kwesani (Director for Recruitment) and Hope Chirengwa (National President).

Appointed officers: Mohammed Yel El Bakkali (General Board officer) and Simon Alexander Ong (General Board Officer)

Given that the organization has faced quite a lot of challenges, the current board led by Phoebe Benta has taken a significant step forward by ensuring continuity within the organization.

The idea at JCI “One Year to Lead” means that positions, both of the board and of the committees, are filled annually. In this way, as many members as possible are given the opportunity to implement the knowledge and tools they receive in practice. The new board year therefore officially starts on 1 January 2022 and ends on 31 December 2022.

As a young person who wants to develop their leadership skill while getting the opportunity to benefit societies at many levels, JCI UK is a platform for you to help you impact the world around you. The time is now for you to join our global movement of young leaders and help seek solutions to the greatest challenges of our time.

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