JCI UK Active Citizenship Experience Winners 2012

JCI UK Active Citizenship Experience Winners 2012

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Active Citizenship images » medals.jpgActive Citizenship images » medals.jpgToday, 11 December, is the annual JCI Active Citizen Day and to celebrate all the active citizens around the country, we are announcing the winners of the 2012 JCI UK ACE – Active Citizenship Experience Programme.

The ACE programme rewards anyone who is active and doing voluntary work in the society. It does not have to be through JCI, any voluntary work is rewarded. The programme started in JCI Doncaster in 2010 and was run for the first time in JCI UK in 2011. The only thing someone needs to do in order to participate is to register their hours and activities here.

Here are the levels of rewards:
30+ hours: Gold
20+ hours: Silver
10+ hours: Bronze

We are very proud to announce that this year’s award winners are:

Trang Tan, JCI London, 52 hours
Alex Byers, JCI Leeds, 39 hours
James Mitchell, JCI Cambridge, 33 hours

Ilona Alcock, JCI Sheffield, 21 hours
Harriet Bastiani, JCI Cambridge, 20 hours

Adam Fernandez, JCI Cambridge, 12 hours
Matt Beavan, JCI London, 11 hours
Ricky Kothari, JCI London, 10 hours

Also participating
Doug Stanton, JCI Cambridge
Jen Little, JCI Cambridge
Kelly Tennick, JCI Cambridge
Olivia Toulson, JCI Cambridge

Congratulations and well done for all your hard word!

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