JCI Reading’s Social

JCI Reading’s Social

June 25, 2014 9:34 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

I’m heading home after an excellent three hours at this evening’s JCI Reading social. The usual faces were there which is great as catching up with friends is important. Equally important however was meeting those who were at our last workshop and those completely new faces who had come along to meet us. 

What I particularly love about a JCI social is the wide range of people you get socialising together who would never meet each other in the normal course of business and often also daily lives. Tonight we had a business coach, business analyst, charity projects employee, IT technician, pharmaceuticals employee, medical researcher, IT sales manager, vet, marketing consultant, IT software developer and me, a solicitor. 

I caught up with Agula who was at our ‘Hobby to Business’ workshop four weeks ago and was really pleased to learn she had sold her first product at an African fair last weekend and with her enjoyed sharing the positive experience of the workshop with others, a number of whom have shown interest in the next workshop in the JCI Reading Business Development Workshop series – ‘Visualising the Dream’ to be held in three weeks’ time. Amber too came along – another workshop attendee – and it was great to meet someone who had experienced JCI in Estonia. 

And so it is, with my last pint drained that I’m on the train typing this blog. Good night everyone and thanks for a great evening. 

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