JCI Manchester gets Kintish’d

JCI Manchester gets Kintish’d

April 6, 2017 7:30 am Published by Leave your thoughts
Held at the ever accommodating Sedulo offices on Deansgate, April’s breakfast briefing was delivered by none other than Will Kintish, a national and international authority on the art of business networking. For 16 years, Will has run in house and public courses all over Europe in this essential business skill, helping people become more competent and effective networkers, so for him to give up his time for JCI Manchester was a real gesture on his part, given how in demand he is as a trainer.
The session began slightly earlier and to the surprise of everyone there! As all attendees were already stood in groups chatting already, the session started with a quick demonstration of how to work the room. This involved looking at whether groups were ‘closed’ or ‘open’ and whether it was ok to join them. Everyone then took their seats and Will energetically and interactively took people through the 8 stage ‘Kintish Process’ that if used well, increases the chances of building business relationships and bringing in business to your company. The session covering the importance of 
actually Accepting the invitation to the event in the first place, How to take the relationship from Know to Like to Trust, The importance of Following up on what you said you would do, and asking the right questions instead of directly selling to people.
Will’s energy and the way he interactively took people through the concepts were infectious, causing everyone to hang on his every word for the full hour. Feedback on the session has been immensely positive:
I learned a lot from this and would definitely recommend attending the course…Daniel Thomas – Pomegranate Consulting 
This morning with JCI Manchester I was Kintish’d and it was actually amazing!Cheryl Hill – Forever Manchester 
Excellent Breakfast networking training put on by JCI Manchester, albeit very early!Sarah Parr – Manchester 3 Rivers Gin 
The session came to an end and Will was kind enough to offer 3 free places on his next public course run in Manchester in June. I’m sure the 3 recipients are over the moon with his generous gift! 
The session was incredibly helpful, giving people practical tips they can implement immediately. Anyone considering bringing Will in as a trainer to up skill the staff in bringing more business into the company – Will is a sound investment and we would thoroughly recommend that you do. 
The take away for most people from the session was that social media is great but nothing beats face to face networking for building and solidifying business relationships. And it all starts with accepting the invitation in the first place. If you’re not there how will people know who you are and what you do?! 
We want to thank Will for giving up his time this morning, Sedulo for being excellent hosts, for everyone who attended for supporting our event. 
We very much look forward to seeing everyone at our next event which is musical Bingo at the Botanist on Deansgate on the 26th April at 6.30pm. You can book on using the following link! https://www.fatsoma.com/jci-manchester-/tp0rqi0i/charity-event-musical-bingo-at-the-botanist
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