JCI Facilitator: Training the Trainers

JCI Facilitator: Training the Trainers

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Just over a week ago, we hosted the new JCI Facilitator course, becoming one of the first national organisations to be able to deliver the course to members. The two day academy gave delegates the opportunity to engage and influence their own learning through the exploration of progressive facilitation models, participate in group activities and delivering their own mini facilitation sessions – to put their learning into practice. In short, this was all about training the trainers.

It was great to see delegates from a wide range of local chambers as well as from both JCI Scotland and JCI Ireland. A huge thank you to Keira and Derek from JCI Ireland for delivering the session.

We asked the delegates what they thought about the weekend, and it sounds like they enjoyed it too!

“I really enjoyed taking JCI Facilitator, it was quite different to the other JCI courses and academies I’ve done before – very interactive and a refreshingly different approach to skills development instead of just ‘training’. Having delivered some training at work it was really interesting to consider how facilitation might add value to that and some of the strategies for how to implement that. There is definitely a lot I will be looking to apply both in skills development at work and within my local JCI Chamber”Zoe Toseland, JCI Southampton

Through the JCI Facilitator course, I discovered a new more inclusive approach to transferring knowledge which will help me become a well rounded facilitator to help jci members develop their skills in the future. Plus, Keira and Derek were very a friendly and complementary duo of facilitators.”Julien Monart, JCI London

“JCI Facilitator is a great way to learn how to engage an audience and get the most out of them.
Additionally, you’ll learn how to prepare so you’ll feel confident delivering it.”Pieter Bruyninckx, JCI Cambridge

“It a great course and I learnt so much.  It really helped me with understanding people different learning styles.” Peter Robertshaw, JCI Barnsley

“I really enjoyed the JCI Facilitator course. The sessions were very interactive and engaging. I found Kiera and Derek very knowledgeable, interesting and able to engage the room. The energy levels were kept up all the time even the course was very fast paced. I’d highly recommend it.” –  Patrycja Jurkowska, JCI Dublin

““Fantastic interactive and inspiring but intense weekend. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a development opportunity.”Valerie Van Kemenade, JCI Scotland

We’ll be running JCI Facilitator next year, as part of our scheme of academies. If you’re interested in some of our other academies, tickets for Public Speaking Academy are available on Eventbrite.

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