JCI Christmas Quiz


It’s a well-known fact that the UK is the heart of the traditional pub quiz,

so in that spirit we want to encourage chambers to host their own Christmas quiz this year, let the creation of punny team names commence!



Don’t worry though- your event doesn’t have to be in a pub! Your local Christmas quiz can be hosted anywhere you like, we have collected a list of community halls in each chamber location if that tickles your fancy, but it is totally down to you to decide where you would like it to be. This type of event is incredibly flexible for each chamber to make their own!

This event will be a great chance to engage with members, and gives an opportunity for non-members to attend and see how JCI works, a small participation fee from each attendee could also result in a handsome donation to a charity of your choice!

To help you prepare for this event (if you need it) we have attached a list of various online Christmas quizzes, and some decorative answer sheets too! There is no budget guidelines for this event as the options are very broad, although if you need any assistance in organising your event, feel free to contact our National Secretariat Chloe-Raine Burrows via email.





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