JCI Achieve & Impact Official Courses 2 in 1 on May 24th 2014 in London

JCI Achieve & Impact Official Courses 2 in 1 on May 24th 2014 in London

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I’m currently on the central line on my way home after attending the JCI London Impact training. It was an engaging packed filled training session focusing on making a positive change within our local community. No matter how small or big. 

The day was completely interactive as I’ve been on a few training courses before and it has been death by Prezi/Powerpoint sadly. We worked on real examples of issues/problems in our local communities.

We learnt about the various community projects local JCI chambers have been working on around the world and also the JCI and UN (United Nations) Global partnership focusing on the UN Millennium Development Goals. We heard for example about the project of combating Malaria with Nothing But Nets, which is a project I particularly would like to get involved with.

We were taught the fundamentals of building an effective community project:

·    Researching and analyzing the issues in the local community (going out there and actually asking what issues actually affect the local community)

·    Investigating the issues (drilling down to the route cause)

·    Work with local community groups and in partnership with people and organizations from all sectors

·    Design ideas and solutions that will last not for the short term but the long term

·    Then take action…and do it.

And along the whole way asking the simple question of Why at every step.

I would encourage everyone (members and non-members) to attend JCI London Impact training in September 2014. As you will not only receive excellent training but also meet other like-minded people that want to create positive change.

See you soon,

Godfrey Atuahené Junior

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