Investors in Young People – Organisations that have won the award


Three incredible organisations won the Investor in Young People award in 2017,

read all about their inspiring work and how they have demonstrated all of the principles the IIYP award holds.




Pret A Manger received the Investor in Young People award in March 2017, providing young persons with opportunities such as internal leadership development programmes.


“We feel businesses that commit to building a brighter future by developing young talent are deserving of recognition and fully support Pret a Manger with achieving this aim”. 

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Lok’n Store received the award back in June 2017, they also worked in partnership with JCI UK on creating the legacy unit. Lok’n Store have an academy, allowing young employees to learn and grow within the business.


“Outstanding commitment to develop their young workforce”

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 The JCI Doncaster Chamber were presented with the award in October 2017, having set up the Doncaster Skills Academy to help bridge the gap between education and work for young persons, providing different career opportunities, and inspiring them to create the best future possible. 


“It’s paramount that we continue to build on this success and strongly support young people to become career-ready and Doncaster’s future business leaders.”

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