Introducing JCI UK Deputy National President 2013 candidate Kate Senter

Introducing JCI UK Deputy National President 2013 candidate Kate Senter

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Kate Senter, candidate for Deputy National President 2013In 2008 I joined JCI Sheffield when a friend, Lisa Price (JCI Sheffield President 2009) encouraged me to go along to an open evening. “It’ll be fun” she said, “just come and see what you think.”

That evening I signed up. A few weeks later I attended the annual dinner. A couple of weeks after that, I put myself forward for Lisa’s 2009 council team. Shortly after, in 2011 I was fortunate enough to hold the position of JCI Sheffield President and now, I am in the process of outlining my experience, ideas and motivation to become the JCI UK Deputy National President for 2013.I think it’s fair to say that I am not a good spectator but one of those individuals who just has to get stuck in and play my part – I can’t help it!

Of course, JCI UK only exists because we all enjoy coming together on a regular basis, in cities across the country and we give our time freely to run events, launch projects, make business contacts and build relationships along the way. As active members, we know the true value of our organisation and we are happy to put out time and energy in because we know that we get so much more back.

However, take a moment to think about your local chamber and the friends and colleagues you see at each event, each social or each meeting. Is it the same faces? What do you think could be achieved if we increased the number of members who were actively engaged and involved? What if even more members were proud to talk to others about the organisation they are a member of? What do you think if even more members played their part?

If I am elected JCI UK Deputy National President I will work closely with the national board and the local chamber to ensure that all of our members are inspired to take responsibility for not only their own path, but that of their local organisation and their local community and inspire others along the way. Through clear communication, open opportunities and support, we can achieve this together – we can all play our part.

I have gained so much from being a member of our organisation that I want to give something back and I believe that I can best do this by taking on the role of JCI UK Deputy National President in 2013 to support you and your fellow members to play your part. If you would like to speak to me about your ideas or have any questions, please drop me a line:


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