IBM Discusses the exciting innovation Social Business is having with large corporations with JCI London members and Guests

IBM Discusses the exciting innovation Social Business is having with large corporations with JCI London members and Guests

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Written by Trang Tran

“People don’t do business with companies. People do business with people. Here is why―and how—to become a Social Business” (IBM, 2012). It immediate captured my interest as soon as I knew about Social Business event hosted by IBM and JCI London in June 2012. Since IBM is one of the successful global organizations I admire, I really looked forward to the event itself.

 Attending the event, I had a great chance listening and talking to thought leaders at IBM about Social Business, knowing more insights about social business and innovation from a large organization’s perspective.

To start the event, Justin Ablett – Associate Partner explained about IBM Social Business. I was amazed to know that IBM has been moving itself well beyond social media to create an innovative platform of collaboration and lead generation which is known Social Business. In short, a social business isn’t simply just about Facebook, Twitter or YouTube page. “A social business is one that embraces and cultivates a spirit of collaboration and community throughout its organization—both internally and externally” (IBM, 2012)

Then it was explained in detail about the components of social business and how IBM effectively uses this solution to support their clients to achieve the KPIs. Moreover, we also got some valuable advices on how to build a personal eminence on social media via the most popular platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

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3 interesting facts I had learned about IBM at the event:

1.      According to IBM, three outstanding characteristics of a social business are Engaged, Transparent and Nimble

2.      IBM not only trains its employees to become digital citizens, it has its own personal dashboard to help them to communicate and see the impact of their online interactions.

3.      IBM Solutions provide tennis players, spectators and people worldwide with a richer experience, seeing scores, statistic and analysis of matches via IBM Slam Tracker

You can have a look at the IBM Social Business presentation here:

A huge thank you goes to Ricky Kothari, JCI London Business Director, Justin Ablett – IBM Associate Partner, Todd Abramson – IBM Strategy and Transformation Consultant and Alison Foley – IBM Business Strategy Consultant.


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